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The Electric Power Industry in Japan (EPIJ)

Since 1959, one year after our establishment, we have annually published the booklet, "The Electric Power Industry in Japan (EPIJ)".

This book, which has been well received by industry leaders from around the globe, explains the structure, current status and important topics of the Japanese electric power industry.

The 2022 edition is now available for free download.

We hope EPIJ will help you better understand Japan's electric power industry.

A print edition is no longer for sale.
A downloadable PDF file is available for the 2019 edition and thereafter.

The Electric Power Industry in Japan 2022  (apprx.3.5M)

Executive Summary
I. Structure of the Electric Power Industry
II. Energy and Environmental Policy
III. Supply and Demand
IV. Electric Power Facilities
V. Retail Business and Trading Markets
Topics: Actions toward Carbon Neutrality in 2050
Statistical Data
Overseas Activities of Member Companies
Member Companies Data

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