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A Message from the Chairman

A Message from the Chairman

JEPIC was established in 1958 to serve Japanese regional electric utilities. The objectives are to conduct research and exchange information with electric utilities worldwide, and cooperate with developing countries to help build out their electric power infrastructures. These objectives have remained unchanged since JEPIC's establishment.

The year 2020 was truly the starting point of a paradigm shift. The COVID-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on each country's political, economic, and energy trends and is changing people's lifestyles. Despite the pandemic, decarbonization movements have developed rapidly. In addition to the EU, which is leading the world in decarbonization initiatives, Japan announced its carbon neutral goal in 2050. China also declared that it plans to become carbon neutral by 2060. With the Biden administration's declaration of "net-zero GHG emission by 2050," "decarbonization" became a global trend. I think that this can be called "the fourth revolution," following the agricultural, industrial, and information revolutions.

This trend is expected to accelerate in the future. Renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, has already significantly contributed to the decarbonization of power sources in developed countries. It is expected to expand further with support from the financial sector. In addition, new technologies such as CCUS and hydrogen, as well as digital transformation, are likely to expand the possibilities of renewable energy. Regarding grid resiliency, which is essential for decarbonizing power sources, developments in various components, including VPP, DR, and capacity markets, are attracting attention.

As we make nationwide efforts to realize a decarbonized society and achieve energy security in Japan, electric utility companies must play a central role and promote innovative initiatives. JEPIC will focus on what overseas electric utilities consider priority issues and what kinds of initiatives they are taking in an ever-changing business environment. JEPIC will actively provide information to meet their needs.

In addition, in international cooperation programs, we aim to further deepen and develop our relationships with ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries by making full use of the relationships and connections we have cultivated.

We, JEPIC, will do our best to serve as a bridge connecting utilities across the globe and as a bridge to the future.

April 8, 2021
Chairman & CEO
Yuji Masuda

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