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January 2024

JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (JFY2023) "Power Distribution Grid (A)"

Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) conducted a Knowledge Co-Creation Program under the contract with JICA.
The program was implemented under the cooperation of The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated as follows,

Date November 6 (Mon) to December 14 (Thu), 2023
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc. (JEPIC)
The Okinawa Electric Power Company, Incorporated (OEPC)
Participants Total 8 countries, 8 participants
Fiji (1), Indonesia (1), Kiribati (1), Micronesia (1), Papua New Guinea (1),
Philippines (1), Sri Lanka (1), Tuvalu (1)
[Distribution of Lecture Material & On-demand training]
- Outline of Electric Power Industry in Japan
- Outline of The Okinawa Electric Power Co.,INC
- Overview of Power System Management Department
Transmission, Communication Network, Substation, System Protection
- Outline of Distribution Department
Planning, Overhead Line, Voltage Control, Measures Against Outage, Maintenance, Underground Line
- Overview of Renewable Energy Facilities etc.
[Online training]
- Inception Report Presentation
- Question and Answer Session on Lecture Material etc.
[Training in Japan]
- Site visit
EMS Shinjuku Demonstration Center, Waseda Univ.
Hasuda Factory TAKAOKA TOKO CO., LTD.
OEPC: Radio Relay Stations, Technical Training Facility, Substation, Load Dispatching Center, Distribution System Operation Center, Tarama Island (solar power, collapsible wind farm, etc.)
Okidenkigyo Company, Incorporated
Okinawa Technocrete Company, Incorporated
- TQM workshops
- Action Plan Presentation etc.

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