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January 2024

on "Sustainable use of Renewable Energy" 2023

JEPIC has been conducting bilateral seminar program with electric utilities in ASEAN countries with strong support from electric power companies in Japan. The purpose of the program is to strengthen their business infrastructure such as basic and expertise technologies, management and human resources development.

JEPIC and PLN, the Indonesian electric power corporation, held their bilateral cooperation workshop in 2023 at the second in Japan. After the initiation, JEPIC and PLN will have been continuing annual workshop in Indonesia as well as in Japan.

In cooperation with Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Co., Kansai Electric Power Co., and Chubu Electric Power Co., JEPIC and PLN held the 25th - 29th workshop in Japan in September 2023, as outlined below;

Date of the Workshop : 25th - 29th September, 2023
Workshop Place : Tokyo and Kyoto City, Japan
Theme of the Seminar : "Sustainable use of Renewable Energy"
The grid system with large amount of renewable energy
Mission Member :
1 expert from Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission &
Distribution Co., Inc.
2 experts from Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.
2 experts from Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.
3 secretaries from JEPIC

Approx.40 PLN participants attended the Workshop from many regions in Indonesia and Japan. After the presentation, we had a fruitful discussion and shared opinions.

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