September, 2021

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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (JFY2021)
"Stabilizing Power Systems to Introduce Various Kinds of Renewable Energy (B)"

Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) conducted a Knowledge Co-Creation Program under the contract with JICA.
The program was implemented under the cooperation of Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Co., Inc. as follows,

Date August 23 (Mon) to September 3 (Fri), 2021
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc.
Hokuriku Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Co., Inc.
Participant Total 5 countries, 9 participants
Jamaica(1), Laos (1), Samoa (1), Serbia (2), Sri Lanka (4)

[Distribution of Lecture Material & Online Discussion]

- Outline of Electric Power Industry in Japan

- Overview of Hokuriku EP T&D and Outline of Renewable Energy

- Basics of Renewable Energy

- Grid-code & Access Examination, Planning & Operation, Issues & Countermeasures for Power System (Transmission System, Distribution System)

- Surplus Power Measures

- Power System Analysis / Access Examination Practice


- Inception Report / Action Plan Presentation     etc.