June 2019

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JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program (JFY2019) "Power Distribution Grid (A)"

Japan Electric Power Information Center (JEPIC) performed a Knowledge Co-Creation Program under the contract with JICA.
The program was implemented under the cooperation of The Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc. as follows,

Date May 13 (Mon.) - June 13 (Thu.), 2019
Organization Japan Electric Power Information Center, Inc.
The Okinawa Electric Power Co., Inc.
Participant Total 9 countries, 10 participants
Cook Islands (1), Liberia (1), Marshall Islands (1), Federated States of Micronesia (1), Palau (1), Papua New Guinea (2), Philippines (1), Samoa (1), Vanuatu (1)


Outline of the Electric Power Industry in Japan,
Transmission and Substation Facilities,
Distribution Facilities (Overhead & Underground),
Planning and Maintenance of Distribution Facilities,
Voltage Control, Measures Against Power Stoppage,
Distribution Automation System,
Renewable Energy, TQM in Japan, etc.

<Site visit>:
Load Dispatch Center,
New Employee Training and Construction Demonstration by Okidenko
Distribution Tower and Internal Combustion Generation Facility in Ishigaki Island,
Tiltable Wind Turbine and PV Power Generation System in Tarama Island,
Transformer Manufacturing Plant (Okiden Kigyo),
Concrete Pole Manufacturing Plant (Okinawa Technocrete),
Verification and Inspection of Electric Meters (JEMIC),
Distribution Facilities Factory (Takaoka Toko),
Lightning Technology Center (Otowa Electric), etc.